Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer same day deliveries?
We can only offer same day deliveries of our Immortal Collection of everlasting roses.   However orders must be placed by 10:00am. No deliveries will be made after 5:00pm. 
Same day delivery of fresh florals are not available at this time. 
What if no one is available to receive the flowers at the time of delivery?
We will leave the package at the safest place possible at the delivery location.
What are eternal roses?

Eternal roses are real roses that are picked at their peak blooming state and dipped in a natural eco & health friendly solution.  This unique method suspends the roses in its current state, allowing it to last for over a year, while still maintaining it’s natural beauty and suppleness.

How long will my eternal roses last?

With the proper minimal care, your eternal roses will lasts in the minimum 1 year.

How do I care for my eternal roses?

There is minimal care.  Do not expose to sunlight, moisture, dust.  We recommend keeping them in our clear keepsake boxes for years of enjoyment.

Do you offer out of town shipping?

Yes, we do offer out of town shipping to anywhere within the United States.